Connect your Shopify store with Copysmith!

Hey eCommerce Managers – struggling with too many products and too little time? We get it. That’s exactly why we created a direct Shopify integration in Copysmith!

Copysmith has already shown users how creating product descriptions by hand is a way of the past, but now you can directly integrate your Shopify store for the effort of saving you time and hassle. Minimize time wasted on clicking back and forth between Copysmith and Shopify and automatically update product descriptions in real-time from your workspace.

Use your Shopify API key to directly connect your Copysmith account to your eCommerce store. Once integrated, all of your individual products will appear in your Copysmith workspace for even more streamlined product description generation.

With this integration, your product data is automatically synced to your Copysmith workspace, all you need to do is input product characteristics, branded keywords and keywords to avoid and watch the magic in action.

A range of product descriptions are generated per usual, but we’ve added a direct export function to Shopify that automatically updates your product descriptions at the click of a button.  And just like that, your product descriptions are instantly updated and published on Shopify!

Easily toggle between individual products and the full product library to create cohesion in your messaging. What are you waiting for?  Get started today.