The Pros and Cons of Using AI Content Writing Tools

Imagine being able to write a blog post or create an entire website worth of content in minutes, with just a few clicks. Well, that’s the magic of AI content writing tools.

AI content writing, short for artificial intelligence content writing, is when a computer program writes content based on the information you gave it – sounds amazing, right? You simply describe to the computer what you want to write about and in a matter of seconds – tad-da! You have quality content written for you.

No heavy lifting – artificial intelligence does all of the work! 

AI content writing is used to generate blog posts and articles. It can also be used to create specific pieces of content that are targeted for a particular audience like Facebook ads and email copies. 

Basically, artificial intelligence can handle all of your copywriting needs. A game-changer for marketers everywhere! No need to hire writers, no need to outsource. In other words, less people to manage and the best part, lower costs! That is why artificial intelligence content writing tools are becoming more and more popular. 

But – yes, there is a but – there are pros and cons to using artificial intelligence for content writing. In this post, we will take a look at the pros and cons of using AI for content writing and help you decide if it is the right choice for your copywriting needs.

Reduce time/effort to write copy

As a content writer, you are probably always on the lookout for new tools to help you with your work. And if you have not tried using AI content writing tools, now is the time to give them a go. 


Simple – it helps reduce the time and effort needed to write copy

Copywriting is a tedious task. For example, when writing a blog post – first, you have to come up with a topic that people would want to read so that your website ranks higher in search engines.

After coming up with a topic, you have to think of the outline and the subtopics. Then you have to do your research and check the facts that you have gathered. Sounds like a very long to-do list? 

Well, there is more! You have to come up with a title that will hook your readers’ attention. 

Then you assemble everything a.k.a. write your blog post. This is where your creative juices will be needed – you need to come up with angles, make complex topics simple and improve the flow of your writing, so that transitioning from one line to the next sounds natural. 

Then you still have to edit it – remove the repetitive and unnecessary ideas. Keep it short and punchy. But that is not the end, you still have to proofread it for grammatical errors. 

Yes – copywriting is a laborious task. It requires a great deal of time and effort. And with looming deadlines, it can also be stressful and frustrating especially if you are experiencing a writer’s block. 

This is where AI content writing tools come handy – you skip all of the tedious work. Yes, all of it! 

AI content writing tools can help you churn out high-quality content quickly and easily that is in line with your branding as well as your target audience’s needs and preferences. 

You will have content that has a catchy title and an engaging body – no need to do the brainstorming, researching, drafting and editing. 

It only takes seconds for Copysmith to generate a blog post. First, simply describe what you want to write about.

Then select an idea you want your blog post to revolve around: 

Copysmith will then generate multiple blog outlines, simply pick one. 

For each bullet point in the outline, the artificial intelligence will generate multiple copies. Read through it and select the one that you think is the best. 

And ta-da, there you have it! A blog post that has an introduction, body and conclusion. 

These AI content writing tools are smart enough to do it all – from creating a title, coming up with an outline and writing the content itself. It literally took 4 minutes for that blog post to be written. You just need to input the needed parameters and click your mouse a couple of times. 

Imagine writing it all from scratch, it will take at least 4 hours to create  copy as good as what the AI has generated. 

Long story short, AI content writing tools automate the process of writing copy, saving you time and energy. 

Minimize plagiarism

Ranking high in search engines is important so that potential customers can discover your business, helping you gain an edge over your competition. This is what SEO, short for search engine optimization, is essentially about.

Minimizing or avoiding plagiarism is important in SEO. You see, Google does not appreciate duplicate content and can detect plagiarism easily. In other words, copying content from one website, whether word-for-word or a portion of it, and posting it on yours is not a good practice. 

Posting plagiarized content has a negative impact on your website. Google may penalize you and this will result in a lower rank or your ranked pages may completely disappear. In other words, it will be hard for customers to find your business online. 

Not only that, producing plagiarized content will hurt your brand’s reputation. Think of it – if customers do not trust you, will they do business with you? The answer is quite obvious, it is a no

In a nutshell, plagiarized content will not only give you a bad rep in Google’s eyes, but your customers as well. 

Fortunately, artificial intelligence platforms have read almost every single piece of content published on the internet, meaning, AI content writing tools have learned everything there is on almost every topic. This helps them synthesize and generate content that is unique. So, you do not have to worry about plagiarism when using an AI content writer. 

Plus, you can also add your branding voice, making the AI-generated content sound like it is from you. Yes – that is how smart artificial intelligence is! This helps add personal touch in making your content unique. 

Another edge of AI content writing tools is that they have an in-app plagiarism checker. So, no need to use a third-party tool to check your content before publishing it on your website. 

Copysmith has its built-in plagiarism checker to help you ensure the content it generated is one hundred percent unique. Sign up now and enjoy a free 7-day trial – yes, no credit card required.  

Scale content output

Search engines, especially Google, are always on the lookout for new and unique content. If Google detects that your website is constantly producing helpful content then they will rank your website higher because Google likes websites that are always providing value to readers. 

In short, posting unique content regularly is an SEO practice that helps your website rank higher in search engines. 

Here’s the thing, publishing one well-written blog post on your website won’t instantly increase your search engine ranking. You have to do it repeatedly over a period of time. The key here is quality and most importantly, quantity and frequency. 

Sadly, it is hard to find good writers these days who can turn in a quality number of works quickly. But the good thing – there is artificial intelligence to save the day! 

These AI writing tools are programmed to take care of the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is provide them with a topic, and they will take it from there. Within a couple seconds, you have a complete content written for you. 

Here is why producing more content will help in your search engine efforts: 

First – more content published means more targeted keywords. In other words, you have more chances to appear in a user’s search results. 

Second – you will have a community of readers. If you share helpful content, people are more likely going to visit your website again… and again… and again. Not only that, chances are they will also share it on their social profiles. This helps increase traffic to your website. 

Third – more content results in more leads. When you publish quality content, you establish your business as an authority in your niche. If customers enjoy reading the blog posted on your website, they will probably want more of it. So, if you offer them your email list, they will potentially subscribe. 

Lastly – your brand awareness and visibility increases. The more frequent you appear on search results; the more customers get familiar with your business. In the long run, this cultivates trust because your website appears to be more prominent than your competition. 

In a nutshell, AI content writing tools help increase content volume on your website which has a positive impact on search engine optimization. The more quality content posted, the better. 

24/7 availability

You can always count on an artificial intelligence content writer to be there as soon as you need them. They are available 24/7, which is perfect for those last-minute requests or when you need a piece of content turned in quickly. 

Another great thing about having an artificial intelligence to write content for you is that they do not get tired or distracted, they do not need a break and they never get sick. Computers can work around the clock and so, they can churn-out quality content in a short amount of time. 

Aside from being available to work day and night, AI content writers work all year round as well with no days off. So, you will always have someone to write content for you as soon as you need it. 

Artificial intelligence has a fast turnaround time, you only have to wait for a couple of seconds and you will have a copy written from introduction to conclusion. 

Still require human intervention

An AI content writing tool is a game-changer especially when it comes to speed. But at the end of the day, it needs human intervention. 

Yes, artificial intelligence can produce content with just a couple of clicks. But keep in mind that the majority of this AI-generated content won’t be perfect. The copy is not ready to be published immediately, you still need a human to tweak it.  

Also, the facts and figures it presents must be fact-checked as they could be outdated. An artificial intelligence content writer generates what it has read online.. So, check your content before publishing it online because publishing false information will hurt your website. 

AI writing tools produce content based on what they have learned from the internet. There is always the risk that the content will be too generic. And with creativity, it’s important to keep in mind that AI can only do so much. There will always be a need for human creativity and intuition in content creation.

You see, writing content is a creative process. Yes, there are monotonous tasks that artificial intelligence can do better than humans, like spotting grammar mistakes. But to produce engaging and rich content, a human writer is needed. 

Tips to get you started in using AI content writing tools

Using AI content writers can help you produce high-quality copy in a fraction of the time it would take a human to write one. But not all artificial intelligence content writers are created equal. So how do you know which one is right for you? Here are a few tips to help you get started:

First, do your research. Find an artificial intelligence content writer that suits your needs. There are tons of them out there, so take the time to find the right one.

Copysmith can write a wide variety of content for you – from product descriptionsFacebook ads, YouTube video descriptions and even blog posts, Copysmith has you covered for all of your marketing needs. 

Second, read the reviews. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, read the reviews to see what other users have to say about the tool.

Reviews are very helpful so you can gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each tool.

Third, try it out. The best way to see if an AI content writer is right for your needs is to try it out for yourself. 

Try to compare the output of each of the AI content writing tools – experiment with it. It is important to test out a few different ones before you make a decision. This firsthand experience will give you an idea which AI tool can actually meet your copywriting needs. Try Copysmith yourself and see if it fits your needs. Simply sign up today to get a free 7-day trial, no credit card required. 

Here is how it looks when you use Copysmith to generate Facebook ad copy. You need to input the tone, the name as well as the description and the artificial intelligence writes your Facebook ad copy instantly, in a matter of seconds. 


AI content writing tools are automating the process of content creation, which means that they can help you create high-quality content faster and more efficiently than ever before. There are pros and cons to using artificial intelligence for content writing, and it ultimately comes down to what works best for you. 

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to create high-quality content, then an AI content writing tool definitely helps especially for your search engine optimization efforts because the more content, the better. In short, more content results in more traffic, more leads and ultimately more customers. 

Being able to pump out high-quality content that is both relevant and engaging, all while spending less time and effort sounds very pleasing to the ears. That’s the promise of AI content writing tools. However, keep in mind that an artificial intelligence content writer is a computer and has drawbacks. 

The reason why we write content is to help others and connect with them – and for this, the human touch is needed. At the end of the day, you still need a human writer to ensure that the content you are publishing on your website is something that a human will enjoy reading. 

So do not think of artificial intelligence content writers as a replacement for human writers. Think of them as a personal writing assistant. They are best used as a tool to help you produce better content faster

To put it shortly, AI content writing tools are great for fast, easy content creation, but it is important to be aware of the limitations of these tools and selecting the right one for your specific needs. 

Whatever your needs are, whether you are writing a blog post for your website or generating bulk contents – Copysmith got you covered. See Copysmith in action today with your free 7-day trial, no credit card required. Signup here so you can get started.