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Copysmith supports eCommerce and Marketing teams to generate, collaborate and launch quality content that converts at warp speed

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Full of tips, tricks, best practices and worksheets to help you scale your eCommerce marketing, convert more shoppers to customers and optimize your product descriptions for SEO

AI generated copy

Never stare at a blank page again

Say goodbye to writer’s block — we help you generate more revenue, rank higher than the competition and convert more customers.

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Copysmith helps you to:

1. Generate content faster:
We help you get started with content ideas that are built to convert. Use our content ideas template among others to get your team moving faster on projects

2. Do More with Less:
Agencies and teams get more done faster with our bulk content generation feature. Better yet, our third party integrations help distribute content to where you need it fast

3. Collaborate At Scale:
With our AI powered
workflow queue, streamline content feedback and approvals, save on third party project management tools, and avoid endless feedback review meetings

4. Gain Expertise:
Use Ali’s Expertise to get most accurate and up to date content on topics such as Travel, Men and Women’s fashion, Tech and more. Go beyond generic content to create expert, highly relevant content

Scale your marketing content infinite times over

Powered by AI and trained on high-performing copy, Copysmith will help you drive growth at unprecedented quality and speed.

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Empower your Team

Give time and bandwidth back to your team, avoid writer’s block and drive unprecedented growth

Optimize workflows

Copysmith seamlessly integrates with the tools marketers use every day to save you time and hassle

Speed through ideation

Spend less time on discovery and more time generating content. Support more clients and generate more revenue

Enhance your content

Machine learning improves your content over time to continuously generate high quality, growth-driven content at scale

Meet Ali, your expert research content creator

ai content marketing software

Ali provides the most current and up-to-date AI driven content on Technology, Men and Women’s fashion, life in the time of COVID-19 among others. Ali is always learning so she can support with specialized topics you need to support your team & your customer’s brands

Reduce time spent on discovery and research to get one step closer to launch. Let Ali take care of the groundwork, so you can drastically cut down on time spent researching, and create optimized content more efficiently, all while converting more leads in to customers

One platform to manage all your copy


Organize and store your copy

Folders store and optimize your content generations with machine learning.

Integrations to improve your workflow

Our integrations are intended to save time and set your team up for a more seamless launch.

Collaborate with teams and customers

Share projects with other teams or customers to streamline content feedback and approval processes.

[Copysmith] reduced our time to write a few blog posts and site pages by 80%. Game changer, and these tools have just started.

John Keehler

Partner, RUNNER Agency

“Stem cell freezing is a bit futuristic, and hard to explain in a succinct way to new potential users. Copysmith was able to generate text that was creative & explained the value prop with limited inputs. It saved me hours, and I plan to use it for all upcoming campaigns.”

Jake Schonberger

Acorn Biolabs

The future of content marketing

Marketing agencies


  • Minimize time spent on discovery and brainstorming to generate more revenue than ever before
  • Store and organize your client’s content in one place – and better yet, with machine learning content generations improve over time
  • Promote your own services with our Press Release and Sales Email Templates



  • Wear one less hat; minimize time spent on ideating and more time on landing new customers
  • Create content in a range of industries and brand tones to fit the needs of any client
  • Gain some time back to better promote your own goods and services

In-house Marketing Teams


  • Build and launch your brand’s annual content calendar in record time
  • Spend less time in meetings with our workflow features; gather feedback and assign generations to teammates for real-time collaboration
  • Use our Ad Caption Template to launch targeted ads and run A/B tests with ease

E-commerce owners


  • Generate and launch unlimited Product Descriptions at warp speed
  • Outrank the competition with SEO-optimized content that converts
  • Get the word out about new products and features with our Social Media Caption template


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What template types are available?

We currently have over 30 templates available, and are constantly adding new ones. To see a full list of our templates, check out this page.

Is the copy original?

Our AI writes each generation word by word, so you can be assured that your results are always original. We do offer a limited number of free plagiarism checks as well, with additional checks available for purchase. For details, check out our pricing page.

How well does the copy perform?

Our mission is to help you produce accurate, effective content that you can deploy instantly. Head over to our blog page to view some case studies if you’re not convinced!

Do you support languages other than English?

Currently, the best quality outputs are in English. We will be enabling more language support in the coming months based on user requests.

How do I stay updated about Copysmith?

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