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*50 credits per month yields about 650 pieces of copy on average.

3-day money back guarantee

We want you to experience how easy it is to create content with Copysmith, without worry - that’s why we will issue you a full refund within 3 days of your subscription date if you are not satisfied with your generations. Happy Copysmithing!

What is the blog post credit limit under the unlimited pricing model?

Each pricing tier gets a different number of blog post generations, each generation returns you 1-2 blog posts. For details, check out the table above!

What content types are available for each plan?

You will get access to all our templates regardless of which plan you choose. For a list of all of our templates, you can check out this page.

When will credits refresh?

Your credits will be refreshed according to the billing cycle displayed on your profile for monthly subscribers. For those with annual subscriptions or LTD codes, credits will continue to be renewed at the beginning of each month.

What can I get out of the Enterprise plan?

The Enterprise plan gives you unlimited generations for all of our templates, including the blog post template and plagiarism checks! You'll also have access to exclusive features such as Bulk and Data Import which enable expedient downloading for more generations. You would also receive priority customer service and support, as well as prioritized feature requests — most can be built in 3-5 days for your specific use case. We also have collaborative features coming soon! For more details, contact

I have a template that I’d like to see. Can I request it?

Yes! We add new templates to our platform every week. Fill out this form and we will put popular requests in the works ASAP.

Do you support languages other than English?

We support all languages, however the best quality outputs are in English. Please submit a language request here to help us improve the outputs in your language!

Is there a discount for nonprofits?

Copysmith offers all nonprofits, B-Corps, or equivalents 50% off forever. Just email a copy of your certification to!

Do you have agency, team, or high-volume pricing?

Yes! Reach out to with your company’s info and the number of accounts you'd like to request!

Where can I find additional resources?

For step-by-step tutorials, check out our blog page here. We also have an active Facebook community where you can post questions, discussions and feedback. Our community members also receive exclusive product releases and online events.

Still have questions?

We're here for you! Contact our support team at and we'll get back to you ASAP.