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Copysmith’s AI content generator makes product description writing fast, easy and fun – are you ready for your mind to be blown?

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Product Descriptions

Write and launch SEO focused product descriptions that outrank the competition and convert more shoppers to customers in record time

Write descriptions for any retailer

Our product description generator is built to match specific requirements of existing retail platforms like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Etsy and more

Rewrite old content instantly

Our content rewriter instantly refreshes stale or old content to retain or improve SERPs

Create content in bulk

In a matter of seconds, you can write product descriptions, meta tags, social media captions, email subject lines at scale 

Designed for teams

Say goodbye to confusion between teams – coordinate and stay on top of content with ease by collaborating in real time

Powerful API

Integrate with your existing tool stack or proprietary systems to save time by automating basic tasks. Our API takes care of all the grunt work so you don’t have to


Updated outdated product descriptions in seconds to retain SERPs

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Write product descriptions built specifically to rank higher and drive more sales on Amazon

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Go from brainstorming topics to a completely written blog in seconds 

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Launch A/B tests and new campaigns across a range of platforms in record time

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We partner with platforms like BigCommerce, WooCommerce and Shopify to give you the power of AI product descriptions where you already work

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Social Media

Creating social media images or captions has never been easier with Copysmith Art Studio

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See why customers around the globe love Copysmith

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I use Copysmith every day, and it exceeds my expectations. I never worry about writer’s block or other issues when I write. It is a one-stop shop for my writing and website needs.

kevin meyer Kevin Meyer
Account Executive
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Copysmith has been a huge help to my business. It generates the content for me and I just go in to edit it. It has helped my business grow, because I don’t have to spend as much time writing content.

nadia milanova Nadia Milanova

The perfect solution for Marketing teams to drive sales

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Everyone knows that content matters to get ahead online. For Retailers SEO content is the differentiator for high traffic and quality customers. High quality content matters when driving growth for your business.

Even better, high quality content produced at scale is a game-changer for your growth and productivity. With Copysmith, you’ll stay ahead of the competition, rank #1 in record time.

This is what we do best
high quality content at scale

Don’t just take our word for it

Copysmith users report over 1,000% increase in conversion rates compared to traditional methods of copywriting

The secret to driving results is great content to support your products online

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Rewrite old content to improve performance

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Optimize for SEO

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Complete your work at a fraction of the time (and cost)

Integrate with products you’re already using like HootSuite, Zapier, Google Docs, Chrome and so much more

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We guarantee results or your money back

You don’t pay for humans who don’t deliver, AI shouldn’t be any different

A better way to scale your business

For Manufacturers:

Whether you manage 10 or 10,000 SKUs, our AI copywriting software gives you the power to write product descriptions at scale, that convert. Crush your sales goals, outrank your competitors and give your team the power of speed 

For Retailers:

Create unique product descriptions to differentiate big brand products from other sellers or optimize your current product listings to improve your SERP standings – either way, we have you covered. You’ll be able to instantly convert leads to customers with automated content creation at scale, powered by AI and backed by best practices in SEO and growth marketing

For Agencies:

Support more customers than ever before all while saving on operational costs. Our AI content generator gives you the power to instantly write authoritative content across a range of voices and industries – better yet? You’ll never go over budget again


What can you do with Copysmith’s AI content creator?


Generate product descriptions instantly

Give our AI a few pointers and you’ll receive well written product descriptions that are ready for launch

Generate Marketplace content through our API

No matter what retailer you’re working with we can help you generate product descriptions to meet their requirements and launch directly to their portal using our API


Writing captions and finding images is a breeze

Build content for your social media channel of choice with our HootSuite integration or directly from our content generator – either way, you’ll fill your content calendar in seconds

Copysmith Art Studio also allows you to create unique AI generated images instantly

Trusted by brands across the globe

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7 day free trial | No credit card required

What kind of content can Copysmith create?

We currently support a wide range of out-of-the-box use cases to create amazing content and we’re constantly adding new use cases to support any content you need to write. If we don’t have an out-of-the-box solution for your use case, our Custom Template Builder helps you build custom solutions specific to your content needs.

Is the content generated by Copysmith original?

Our AI instantly learns from your inputs and writes each generation word by word, ensuring your results are original. We also offer free plagiarism checkers in-app to give you the peace of mind that your content is uniquely yours

How many languages can Copysmith generate or translate content in?

Copysmith can write original content in over 65 languages – or instantly translate content from one language to another with in-file translation

How does Copysmith save eCommerce teams time and money?

Our AI solution handles research, ideation and writing for you, saving your team hours of time in producing and distributing content across your channels. Many Copysmith users report saving over 10 hours a week while seeing over 1,000% increase to click-through and conversion rates

Does Copysmith offer an API or integrate with other platforms?

Yes! We integrate with a range of tools marketers use daily like HootSuite, Zapier and many more.  We also support API functionality to integrate with your entire tool stack or proprietary systems

7 day free trial | No credit card required

This is where the magic begins