Better SEO driven content – powered by Frase

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We’ve partnered with Frase to add another layer of SEO enrichment features in Copysmith content generations.

With just one click, gain access to valuable SEO data, not only on what keywords you should use, but how frequently those words should appear in your content to improve search ranking.  Instantly generate main keywords and topics with an associated score for recommended keyword frequency for long-form content.

If that wasn’t enough, we also threw in blog topic scoring. Gain insight directly from search engine data about your blog topics and how to best optimize to rank higher and gain more traffic than ever.

With this new integration in Copysmith, and powered by Frase, you’ll be empowered to:

  • Provide an added layer of SEO optimization across all templates
  • Seamlessly toggle through files to compare keywords between topics
  • View SEO optimization results attached to your content files, and they only improve with time!

Watch this tutorial to learn how to use this exciting new feature!

This is available for a limited time to all users, sign up for your free trial to check it out in action! ✍️