How eCommerce retailer Designer Eyes leveraged Copysmith and bulk product descriptions to increase writing capacity by over 600%

For most eCommerce retailers, researching and writing product descriptions for every SKU is a tedious and time-consuming process that can take weeks, if not months to complete. Luxury eyewear retailer Designer Eyes was no stranger to this monotonous process – until they found Copysmith.

With their wide selection of sunglasses and eyewear that includes popular brands like Cartier, Balmain, Dior, Chrome Hearts, Chanel, and Jacques Marie Mage, Designer Eyes had an extensive process to carefully draft product descriptions that best represent their products and brand. Before Copysmith, their copywriting team would take any information they already had about a new product, conduct research, identify important keywords, and write a complete product description from scratch prior to launch. The long-winded process created many bottlenecks, as they did not have the capacity to create product descriptions at scale for the hundreds of products in their catalog.

Luckily they found Copysmith, and were immediately intrigued by the product offerings and capabilities of helping them scale their content creation. After testing Copysmith’s Bulk Content Generation feature to generate 10 and then 100 product descriptions at once, they were fond of the quality and quantity of product descriptions produced by Copysmith. Since then, Copysmith has become an essential tool to help Designer Eyes overcome their blockers and tackle writing thousands of product descriptions.

Copysmith has helped Designer Eyes dramatically cut down their writing time and increase their productivity. Their old research process has been reduced or in some cases removed completely with the help of Copysmith’s built-in SEO integration with Frase, which provides users with SEO-optimized keywords and product bullet points that should be included in their product description to rank higher organically right off the bat. They can also customize the tone and creativity of their generations to best showcase their product and represent their brand, which is essential in capturing Designer Eyes’ essence as a luxury boutique of designer eyewear.

A key differentiator of Copysmith is the flexibility to cater to the needs of different users, and the ability to build customized solutions to overcome bottlenecks. After Designer Eyes expressed their specific needs, Copysmith created a custom template that allows them to produce product descriptions of a certain length and format consistently each time. Combining their custom template with bulk content generation, Designer Eyes can now produce over 700 product descriptions each week – a 600% increase compared to the 80-100 descriptions they used to be able to write in the same timeframe.

Copysmith has become a crucial part of Designer Eyes’ production workflow. Their team only needs to input a list of basic product information into Copysmith, and the rest will be taken care of. Instead of crunching hours trying to come up with new and effective ways to write copy, Copysmith takes the grunt work of writing hundreds of product descriptions at once. 

Designer Eyes describe Copysmith’s platform as “easy to use and very intuitive”. The detailed and attentive onboarding process offered by the Copysmith team made their transition to AI-generated content extremely easy to navigate. They are ecstatic to incorporate and leverage new technology to help them scale their business, and look forward to continuing to grow with the help of Copysmith.

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