How Ptak & Co. Grew their Customer Conversion Rates by 1,200% using Copysmith

One of the biggest challenges faced by marketing teams and agencies is finding new ways to communicate ideas, and needing help getting inspiration when producing content. Emily Ptak, owner of Calgary based marketing agency Ptak & Co, came across Copysmith over a year ago through a client’s referral, and it has since revolutionized the way they create content. 

As a marketing agency that specializes in content marketing, social media, and paid advertising, Ptak & Co has a large client base that spans across different industries. Producing quality content for all their clients across various platforms means a lot of time is spent developing strategies and crafting content tailored to each client’s unique story.

Since 2017, Ptak & Co has helped businesses and their leaders to demystify digital marketing, communicate their solutions to their ideal customers, and shout their compelling raison d’etre from the rooftops

Emily saw a need to bring in automation to scale her small business and allow her team to use their time more effectively while managing clients and contractors. Moreover, they needed a tool that has an intuitive user experience, and offers features that would bring value to their specific needs. 

After testing out trials for many AI content generation platforms such as, Jasper, and Anyword, Emily found Copysmith to be “simple, straightforward, and incredibly easy to use and navigate”. She said the features and templates of Copysmith are flexible and very suitable to her needs as an agency and small business owner. She felt that “Copysmith exceeded the competitors in every way, and the price was worth every penny.”

What really won her over as a loyal customer was the level of care and effort that was shown from the Copysmith team. When Emily would reach out to seek support and guidance with the software, the team would respond in a timely manner with a custom solution to resolve their problem. “I am consistently amazed by your customer service,” she says.

Beyond helping Ptak & Co with content, Emily also enjoys that there is always innovation within Copysmith with constant refinements, new features, and more ways for users to create better content and more efficiently. Copysmith keeps things fresh and provides even more opportunities to leverage the AI technology, while reducing costs and time spent on creating amazing copy. 

Since using Copysmith, Ptak & Co’s production time has reduced by more than 50% in multi-faceted ways. 

Instead of staring at copy and trying to figure out how to refine it, Copysmith takes a few key messages and produces ready-to-use copy in seconds, which trumps trying to find inspiration or spending all day writing, deleting, and rewriting the same piece of work. Copysmith can show a new and unexpected way of sharing an idea, story, solution, concept, or brand that hits the nail on the head. 

Now, Copysmith has become an integral part of Ptak & Co’s day to day workflow. Copysmith provides a new perspective on content and messaging that is like a breath of fresh air. Emily can now “create things like landing pages and sales emails with a few clicks”. Beyond just saving time and effort, they have also seen significant improvements in clients’ marketing metrics.

Some of their team’s favorite use cases that Copysmith provides are:

Content Rewriter

Emily and her team use the Content Rewriter the most – often a few times per day, whether that is to rework podcast show notes or overhaul an email when she is unsure of the tone. Their primary use case of the rewriter is for copy that is great but not quite “there” yet. It provides a new perspective on messaging that can be used directly, or edited to better fit into the tone or voice. 

Google Ads

When creating Google Ads for their clients, they want to ensure the ad copy matches the expected experience on the landing page and speaks to the most relevant points. Given that Ptak & Co typically runs multiple ad sets in multiple ad formats for each campaign, they can have upwards of 500 pieces of copy (such as headlines, long descriptions, short descriptions) required for a campaign. They used to have to draft everything manually which was painstakingly time consuming. However, using Copysmith’s Google Ad tool they can generate multiple campaigns within an afternoon, rather than several working days.

Branding & Websites

Ptak & Co does a discovery session with all new clients, and part of the questions revolve around their client’s brand ethos and market. These discovery sessions used to take tons of time to review the notes and distill it until they found Copysmith. Now they can take key points from the notes, add in a few particular keywords, and get a variety of statements that can be used as a jumping off point to develop further branding work. Being able to put a little bit of information into Copysmith, wait a few seconds, and have it completed for them was revolutionary. Noneed to spend hours daydreaming, staring out the window, brainstorming, writing and re-writing; they just had to be able to identify the key points and let Copysmith do the rest.

Emily’s team particularly enjoys the Brand Essence, Taglines and Unique Value Proposition templates. Beyond allowing them to take some of their client’s existing brand pieces and rework them faster, Copysmith was also integral to the rebrand that Ptak & Co undertook. They used all three of the templates mentioned above to refine their brand’s key messages, and has since received a lot of positive feedback on their new brand direction.

Landing Page Copy

The Ptak & Co team loves the fact that they can create landing pages with a few clicks, saving a ton of time and frustration. 

The Landing Pages template has helped provide direction and copy for their clients that allow their team to build robust landing pages and improve campaigns performance. One of Ptak & Co’s clients is a well-known post-secondary institution. Since adopting Copysmith into their content creation workflow, they have seen a significant increase in conversions on everything from open houses to applications, with an overall conversion rate increase from 0.6% in 2019 to 8.2% in 2022.


Tyler Chisholm is another one of Ptak & Co’s clients. He has two podcasts with a release cadence of 2 times per week and is almost at 300 episodes since they launched in July 2019. Emily has managed the show’s social media as well as Tyler’s personal brand since the podcast first launched, and later took over copywriting for the website, show notes, show descriptions, and video assets in April 2021. She implemented Copysmith as a crucial element of their marketing efforts, and often uses Copysmith for refinements on their work. Being able to select a tone for content generation from a drop-down list that Copysmith provides has made it easier to produce work on topics Emily may not be as familiar with, and enables her to create content that is uniquely suited for each of Ptak & Co’s clients.

In the use cases mentioned above, Ptak & Co has seen the following results through implementing Copysmith in their work:

  • 1200% increase in conversions on Google advertising campaigns created with Copysmith for a post-secondary institution, from 0.6% to 8.2%
  • 20% increase in episode downloads for podcasts they manage using Copysmith
  • Increase in social media engagement on posts that leverage Copysmith captions 
  • >50% reduction in manpower required to develop, refine or edit copy using Copysmith, which has subsequently lowered operating cost

Are you looking to automate your content creation, get ideas and inspirations, and overcome writer’s block? Sign up for Copysmith to start writing for free today and see how you can reduce time and cost, while increasing conversion and engagement just like our friends at Ptak & Co.