How To Convert More Customers With Content Creation & SEO

Content creation and SEO — two activities that are often misunderstood. Some marketers will tell you that SEO is the best way to drive targeted traffic to your website. Others will tell you it’s the best way to convert that traffic into customers. But the challenge is, both of these things can be true.

Content is the engine of your businesses’ digital presence. From blog posts, to social media and video, your content will help you convey the value of your product or service and achieve your marketing goals. In this article we’ll walk you through the steps to creating a content strategy that will help you grow your audience and convert more customers.

Are You Writing Relevant Content?

Content creation is the cornerstone of SEO. It is what creates value for visitors to your site. It is what gets your site to rank in search engines and it is what creates a compelling experience for people to visit your website. However, content creation can often be a barrier to a business creating a strong online presence.

Creating relevant content is one of the most important elements of SEO best practices. When the content on your website is found relevant (i.e. incorporating specific keywords that line up with the keywords or phrases users enter to search engines) it’s more likely to increase your rankings. Establish keyword goals for each content piece you generate. And more importantly ensure that your page titles, h1 and meta descriptions are in alignment with those keywords.

At the end of the day, it’s as simple as creating valuable content that interests your target market. Learn more from your customers about their day to day challenges and roadblocks. Conduct customer interviews to hear more about how they’re using your product, what typically gets in their way and what matters most to them. Once you have insight to your customer pain points, it can help guide your overall content strategy.

How To Effectively Optimize Content For SEO

Once you have a clear vision for the goals of your content creation and SEO, it’s time to start thinking about what you need to create. Do you just need content to satisfy your customers? Do you need content to drive new sales? Establish content that responds to these situations proactively. Here are a few key things to consider regarding SEO and your content marketing:

1. The good (and bad) of SEO can be subjective as many teams utilize it differently. You can’t ever fully use SEO to your advantage if you’re not familiar with it. So before you start slapping keywords on your content, make sure you’re understanding and applying SEO best practices. Stay up to date with trends and updates

2. Write content that embraces all of the potential roles in your target audience. Write about topics that are focused on alleviating day-to-day pain points for users; a marketers’ day and processes will look quite different from someone on the accounting team. Focus less on your product or service, and more on how you can help make their lives easier.

3. Stick to original, written content. Growth hacks or articles that are based on clickbait can gain you a ton of traffic at once, but ultimately hurt your impact and make your content less useful to your audience. Instead brainstorm user-friendly content that is grounded in research and actual feedback from your customers.

Get Your Leads To Convert

When you’re creating content, you want to bring value to your audience in a form they can process and comprehend. When users know you understand their challenges, they’re more willing to listen to your advice.

Drive brand awareness through long form blogs and case studies to attract and keep people on your site. Use Copysmith templates like blog post ideas, content rewriter and listicles to efficiently generate even more great content.

Great content identifies potential objections and answers them proactively. Identify objections they might have around your solution to their problem. Common objections are price, or lack of urgency or trust; create content that builds bridges between your target audience and product or service.

Launch webinars that are focused on these topics and create opportunities for real time conversations with your leads and prospects. You’ll not only learn more about your audience, but they’ll hear directly from your team about value statements along with rebuttals to potential objections for a more streamlined sales process.

When it comes to converting prospects (and many other marketing initiatives) content is king. Invest in blogs and long form content in the short term, and while you won’t’ see overnight success, over time you’ll start to see your organic traffic and conversion rates grow.

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