How to Cope When Writer’s Block Hits

If you’ve ever tackled an article or blog post, you’ve undoubtedly experienced writer’s block. It can be triggered by fear over how your writing will be perceived by others or whether or not it will meet your own expectations, or your business goals. Writer’s block is a condition that every marketer has suffered from at some point in time. While it manifests in different ways for everyone, the root cause is often the same – lack of inspiration or self-doubt.

In the early days, an idea for an article or blog post strikes you and you feel motivated to write. However, when your deadline approaches, you realize you’ve written and rewritten and deleted and re-written and still haven’t gotten anywhere. Writer’s block can be frustrating and create even bigger challenges in hitting your deadlines and metrics for marketing. Let’s talk more about how to help you get over your writer’s block when it arises.

Writer’s block is a real issue for content creators. It’s a problem that can have a disastrous impact on your business if it isn’t proactively addressed.  Every day, hundreds of pieces of content are added to the internet and it’s getting increasingly difficult for businesses to stand out from their competition.

Ranking higher on search engines, gaining more leads to convert to customers and keeping your product or service top of mind for your customers can be a challenge if your team isn’t able to regularly produce and launch quality content.

Here are a few ways you can solve for writer’s block:

Get outside:

When your second latte of the day doesn’t get creativity flowing, get some fresh air.  Henry David Thoreau famously said, “I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.”  Take a walk around the block or just take a few moments to sit outside and clear your mind.  

Conceptualize your Content: 

Move away from the screen and get creative with visualizing your content approach.  Take a step back and put pen to paper (or marker to whiteboard) to map out your goals, intent and audience for your content.  From there, you can start to craft small pieces like a headline, or a topic that you know is important to your customers.

Stick to a routine:

Many writers are famous for specific routines or processes that they follow to provoke inspiration.  Others follow different schools of thought regarding working, like the Pomodoro Method, which has historically been used for studying, but is more recently being adopted as a method for working hours.

Looking for a more permanent fix? With the rise of AI copywriting, some individuals fear that humans will be replaced by machines. While some may fear the loss of human connection with their audience, this is not the case. Instead, AI helps the humans it works with to be more creative while doing less of the work; freeing your team up to spend time where it’s most needed.

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Happy Copysmithing!

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