Introducing the “More Like This” Feature

You know that feeling of being on the brink of a great ad idea? Every creative fibre in your body is impelling you forward as you attempt to push the idea as far as you possibly can. This part of the brainstorming process isn’t so much about kickstarting your content journey, but maintaining the momentum. Copysmith is excited to introduce its “More Like This” feature that facilitates this step in your creative process.

As you close in on a desired tone, key characteristic, or interesting turn of phrase, the next step is to workshop it through trial and error. To ascertain what works and what doesn’t, you must create different variations of call-to-actions, text layouts, and ad headlines. Copysmith can help you do this in seconds.

Drawing from your preferences, Copysmith’s “More Like This” function will generate similar content based on your selection, allowing you to capitalize on one idea and develop it into ten. This means you will be able to use existing copy as a template when creating new pieces of content for your blog or website, setting in motion a cascade of fresh ideas that are even more personalized to your brand or product.

“More Like This” is a new way of generating content using the same artificial intelligence that helped you generate your first round of ad copy. And it costs zero credits. So explore your ideas with Copysmith at no cost.

This feature is currently available for the following templates: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO Metatag, Instagram Ads, Taglines and Blog ideas.

How does it work?

Once you’ve generated content using a template, you’ll see on the right-hand side of your variation a button that says, “More Like This.” Clicking on it will generate a slew of new copy based on your preference selection.

Here’s a brief overview of what this feature looks like in the Instagram Ads template. For a detailed tutorial on how to create Instagram ads, check out “How to Create AI Generated Instagram Ads.”

1. Tell the AI generator the type of content you wish to create.

2. Input the requisite information for your template, then click generate and await your ad copy.

3. Select the content you want to want to expand upon by clicking on “More Like This.”

4. Browse your personalized selection.

Don’t stop until you’ve landed on the perfect ad copy.

What if I need someone to coach me through it?

Sure thing—we know copysmithing is a new way of writing and we’re here to help. Send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Get onboarded!” and we’d be happy to guide you through the process.

Happy copysmithing!

We are offering unlimited blog post generation for customers on our Enterprise plan for December and January.

Enterprise customers will be able to access coaching on each new feature we roll out as well as early access to educational resources on integrating artificial intelligence advances into their workflows.

Try out Copysmith today, and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to check out tutorials for our other templates here.