Wellness Tips to Prevent Burnout in Marketing Teams

The biggest challenges we face are often the most difficult to identify. One of the biggest and most common challenges for modern marketing teams is burnout. It comes in many forms, but its most recognizable symptoms include: a lack of focus, procrastination, lack of creativity and general fatigue. Worse than the external symptoms, it can trigger mental health challenges and worsen quality of life.

Burnout is a global epidemic that affects most of our lives in some way or another. It’s important to understand the warning signs and what we can do as both managers and employees to keep ourselves from reaching this breaking point.

According to a recent survey cited by Forbes, a poll of 7,000 professionals nationwide found that marketing and communications professionals rated the worst among a range of job functions with high burnout rates at 83.3%.

Encouragement Starts from the Top:

Company culture has become prevalent in daily workplace conversations; Millennials make up around one-third of today’s workforce and Gen Z is following swiftly behind them.  For Millenials and Gen Z, their priorities are different than generations past and companies need to adapt to retain top talent.

Create opportunities for open communication across your organization and teams – have open door policies that create collaborative experiences, mentorship opportunities and open forums for professional development.

Setup regular 360 reviews that empower employees and managers to exchange feedback, rather than feedback continuously coming from the top of your organization down.  This provides managers with greater visibility to the challenges their teams face to better support them.

Set and Enforce Boundaries:

Empower your team to share their working hours with teammates and uphold their out-of-office time.  The concept of the traditional 9-5 work day is changing, and with that comes the challenge of upholding expectations and boundaries of work hours.  This gives employees the opportunity to set boundaries regarding when they’ll be responding to emails or instant messages, what times they can take meetings and most importantly, it provides an easier transition into their evenings, weekends and personal time.

Encourage your teammates to turn on out-of-office and turn off notifications on PTO.  Technology creates both opportunities and challenges in being able to login from anywhere with a WiFi connection.  While it makes for a great convenience during work hours, it creates greater challenges in fully stepping away. Without getting the benefit of taking time off, you’ll return to work less energized and more prone to burnout.

Utilize tools and automation to simplify daunting tasks:

To keep themselves focused, effective marketers adapt and learn new skills. Keeping up with new tools, KPIs and deadlines can leave your team drained, even if they’re not actively communicating it.

Marketing automation, artificial intelligence and the world of technology in general are ever-evolving, but they provide micro-optimizations to empower your team to work smarter, not harder.

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