eCommerce Product Content

AI Built for eCommerce Content Teams

Generate product descriptions, title tags, meta descriptions, and even fill gaps in missing data across your entire catalog.

Prevent Product Content Bottlenecks with AI

Creating product descriptions, titles, and meta descriptions is tough. Doing it in bulk while sticking to your brand guidelines is even tougher. But Describely changes that. With AI-powered product content, you can easily generate descriptions for your entire catalog, whether you have tens or thousands of products.

Stop Using AI That Ignores Your Brand Guidelines

Inaccurate product listings can lead to returns and major headaches. That’s why you can’t afford to use AI that gets it wrong. With Describely’s AI Rules, you're in full control to create accurate product descriptions that don’t need constant edits and rewrites.

Save Time and Money by Filling Product Gaps

Creating accurate and compelling product descriptions is difficult when suppliers and manufacturers provide sparse or missing attributes. That's why we built an automated data enrichment feature into Describely. Enrich your products with complete attributes, then use this enhanced data to generate more accurate descriptions.

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