Content Marketing Strategy to Grow your Amazon Store

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Remember the good old days when Amazon was just for books?  Today’s age looks a little different with digital commerce and online shopping becoming more prevalent daily.  With an estimated 12-24 million eCommerce stores in the global market, with numbers rising daily, it’s no surprise that many retailers are turning their eyes (and strategies) to online marketplaces.

If you’re running a business on Amazon, you already know the importance of content marketing. Content marketing is a powerful strategy that’s been proven to help Amazon sellers grow their business. But, how do you effectively gain organic reach? How do you stand out from the competition? In this blog, we’ll dive into Amazon’s best practices for content marketing to help you maximize organic reach and boost your sales.

The Challenges with Amazon

As the largest marketplace in the world, Amazon is well-known for a stringent screening process that can make it a bit tricky to sell your products. In recent years with Amazon, it’s become even more challenging to simply set up a store and start selling. With ongoing changes to rules and regulations, it’s become increasingly difficult to build a successful Amazon presence.

Outside of regulatory challenges, competition between sellers is fierce.  Amazon sellers rarely sell handmade or one-of-a-kind items, making it even more difficult to differentiate your shop from another.  In these situations, price is king, with consumers becoming hyper-focused on value and looking for the best deal.

In spite of the challenges you face, content marketing might be your best friend. A content marketing strategy is a set of tactics to reach your audience more efficiently by creating branded content.  This helps provide alternative ways to differentiate your store, brand and products from competitors.

Bringing Content in to the Mix:

To build a comprehensive content marketing strategy, start by determining the audience groups that you want to target. Then create branded content that aligns with their interests, and aim for a disciplined process of creating content that incorporates keywords with high search volume and low keyword density; Ahrefs has a great tool for beginners.

Organic Content: Create considerate blog content with tutorials on how to use, or get the most out of your products.  Give customers more reasons to understand why and how purchasing your product will change their lives, or help solve a perceived challenge.

Product Descriptions: Building your product description strategy from scratch is difficult, even for seasoned content creators.  Our Amazon Product Description template is a great solution for creating consistent, clear and actionable product descriptions to set your store apart from the rest.  This template saves hours of time, effort and money that could be better spent on other marketing activities.

Product Imagery: Create consistency in your product imagery, whether it’s through similar backdrops, lighting or angles of photography.  Users will start to notice how you separate yourself from other products and recognize the visual cues that indicate your store from competitors.

Last but not least, remember that the goal isn’t to replicate the best content that your competitors are launching, but to eliminate duplicate content and focus on how your products can help customers for a better user experience.

Video Content Libraries

Video may have killed the radio star, but it will certainly help your eCommerce store flourish.  Did you know that 73% of users who watch videos are more likely to end up purchasing the product after-the-fact? On top of that, 94% of users cite videos as helpful in making purchasing decisions.

Product videos create opportunities for engaging content that allow users to visualize the product in ways that weren’t possible before.  According to Buffer, eCommerce sites that use product videos as a part of their content strategy see on average 3x more organic traffic visits when compared to other types of content.

Build a library of video content surrounding your product. You can craft videos that highlight individual products that can be used to further promote your product pages; or build videos that highlight an entire collection of products for better visibility and cross-promotion.

For marketers and business owners alike, the trial and error of growing eCommerce businesses can be frustrating, but with time and investment in content strategies that are focused on consumers and their overall online experience, you’ll start to see your Amazon store flourish.

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