How to Optimize Amazon Product Descriptions for Conversion

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Product descriptions are one of the most essential elements for optimizing conversions on Amazon. However, many sellers treat their product descriptions as an afterthought, using either generic manufacturer descriptions or writing their own brief synopsis without carefully considering what shoppers are looking for.

By taking the time to write well-crafted, customer-focused product descriptions, sellers on Amazon can increase their chances of making a sale. In this blog, we’ll discuss a few tools to help you gain even more sales on Amazon.

Optimizing your Amazon Product Descriptions

When it comes to Amazon Product Descriptions, they not only have to be accurate and concise, but they also have to be engaging in order to persuade customers to buy your product.

That’s where our Amazon Product Description Grader comes in. This new tool uses machine learning to score your product descriptions and give you feedback on how well they’re written.

Our Amazon Product Description Grader can help you write better, more engaging product descriptions that will improve your click-through rate and conversions. The grading system takes into account things like grammar, keywords, and growth marketing best practices as well as whether or not the description includes key details about the product to increase sales.


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 Optimizing your Product Description Content

An important part of writing a good product description is including SEO keywords that will allow shoppers to easily find and purchase your product.

Our templates built to support eCommerce teams, empower human creativity by seriously cutting down your SEO research and writing time to keep your team on track of deadlines.  

Other tools like Frase or Ahrefs Keyword Generator can help you mindfully plan the keywords you need to include to help increase the visibility of your products.

Use Persuasive and Powerful Language 

Persuasive language can be the difference between a customer clicking “buy” or moving on to the next product. Be sure to focus on what the customer benefit, or what they will get out of the product rather than listing its features.

Using content like power words, a clear call-to-action (CTA), impactful customer reviews and including key information such as size, color, weight, dimensions and delivery time all help in nudging users that one step closer to making a purchase.

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The future of AI Content Generators

As AI continues to evolve, so too will the landscape of marketing, giving rise to new opportunities for businesses and consumers alike.

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