November product updates: new templates, pre-fill, bulk export, and more

We launched our minimum lovable product to the public on October 26, so to be frank with you, I wasn’t sure how much to include in this email. We’ve made 200+ pull requests to our codebase since our release, with all sorts of updates touching machine learning quality to product to our profile page. Here are a few highlights from this month.

Our mission is to make it easy for anyone to write high-performing copy, whether your goal is to grow your startup, you’re managing campaigns for dozens of clients, or you’re bringing your brick and mortar store online for the first time.

When we launched, we had Google & Facebook ads, taglines, and product descriptions. Since then we’ve added SEO metatags, Instagram ads, blog ideas & introductions, as well as a content expander. We’re aiming to add a new template a week until we have coverage for all the use cases that our customers need; please submit a feature request here and we’ll add it to our roadmap.

We also shipped bulk export to CSV. We’re working on options for bulk import, as well as deeper integrations with APIs like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more.

Customers are now able to pre-fill their templates in their customer profile. We’re working on functionality to help you manage multiple campaigns via templates, to make copy generation truly instant across categories.

Finally, we released this blog you’re reading! Stay tuned for in-depth tutorials on integrating Copysmith into your workflows.

There’s so much more on the horizon, and we’re grateful for everyone who’s supported our journey thus far. Happy copysmithing, and as always, if you have feedback for our team, please reach out!

For a limited time, we have a no-credit card required free trial. Try out Copysmith today, and let us know what you think.