Integrations that are built to support you

Built to support marketers where they work, our integrations are specifically designed to make your lives easier, launch campaigns faster and deliver results.


With our Frase integration, gain access to valuable SEO data.  Instantly generate main keywords and topics with an associated score for recommended keyword frequency for long form content. If that wasn’t enough, we also threw in blog topic scoring.  Gain insight directly from search engine data about your blog topics and how to best optimize to rank higher and gain more traffic than ever.

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Google Ads

With our Google Ads integration, you can generate and launch Google ad campaigns in record time.  Whether you need to launch A/B tests, promote a new product or just need to change up your current messaging a bit, we have you covered. What used to take hours, can be done in a matter of minutes with this integration.

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Copysmith has already shown users how creating product descriptions by hand is a way of the past, but now you can integrate your Shopify store for the effort of saving you time and hassle. Minimize time wasted on clicking back and forth between Copysmith and Shopify and automatically update product descriptions in real time from your workspace, no matter the amount of SKUs.

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Google Chrome

Our Chrome extension allows users to instantly create new content from any webpage, in any language, with a single click. It’s a great tool for teams and content marketers who need to create unique content for their blogs and articles at scale.

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