Integrations that are built to support you

Built to support eCommerce teams where they work, our integrations are specifically designed to make your lives easier, launch campaigns faster and deliver results

ai copywriting integrations


No matter how many SKUs you manage, write SEO-optimized product descriptions in minutes, not hours – use the power of AI to get you past ideation and one step closer to launch! Copysmith delivers product descriptions that convert more customers and boost your bottom line




If your software of choice isn’t listed, never fear, our API is here!  Connect your integral systems and software directly to your Copysmith workspace for even better data, more content volume and more sales and conversions





Integrate and automate your content creation – with the power of Zaps and Copysmith combined, gain unlimited efficiencies, save time and watch your conversions skyrocket




Create and launch your social media calendar in a matter of seconds with our HootSuite integration. Drive engagement, build a community and scale your presence in record time


google docs

Google Docs

With Copysmith and Google Docs’ powers combined, there’s no limit to what your content can achieve. Easily create, enhance and share content with teammates or clients to save precious time gathering feedback and launching

In case that wasn’t enough, our NEW Publish feature allows you to instantly publish your generations to a Google Doc, giving you the power to say goodbye to copy and paste forever