Template Spotlight: Blog Ideas

Depending on the size of your company, you should be aiming to publish a minimum of three blog posts a week. Each blog post should be targeted at a specific query your potential customers might have, and drive traffic towards your main site. Our blog ideas generator helps you brainstorm and plan content. You enter a keyword, and it outputs almost a dozen possible titles and introductions instantly.Let’s try it out!

1. Select the content type, and name your project

In this case, we want to check out the Blog Ideas template function. The name of the card is for your reference only and does not affect your generations.

2. Enter in key information.

Now you need to type in target keywords defining your blog topic to build off the text body. We recommend using a phrase that a customer would enter in the search box. Copysmith will add the rest using the AI generations!

What would best describe your idea? Let’s use the wording similar to a search phrase:

3. Generate copy!

Click “Generate” and voila — you get 10-20 pieces of copy: the short ones just highlight your given idea, but longer generations could be geared more towards a particular story.

The blog genre can be an extended narrative, so many of the suggested generations may apply well to your needs. We can use the generated ideas as clues to arranging information in our writing. In our case, most of the results include the ‘Intro:’ label – those are particularly good to start the blog with!

4. Delete the irrelevant options and heart your favorite ones to pick the top results.

You can eliminate the entries you don’t want to use from the list. Click on the Recycle Bin icon at the bottom of each generation, and the generation will be removed.

Clicking on the heart icon will place the choice on top of the list.

5. Play around with parameters, and edit to go deeper into details!

Now it is time to check out more specific information. For example, one of the results contains a particular brand of ballet shoes which we do not want to mention in our publication.

We can edit the whole piece or simply change the brand name to the one we are working on!

What’s awesome about Copysmith is that you can even feed back phrases Copysmith generated from you back into the left hand component of the template. Things you can try: add in promotions you’re running, or a specific location, or a product name.

Let’s add a specific ballet shoe brand to the target keywords area and get more essential and detailed content. As we included a new brand name to our target keyword phrase, new generations have appeared!

We hearted some of our favourites.

Fun fact: when you upgrade to a paid account, we use your liking, editing, and deletion activity to fine-tune our model’s understanding of your writing style. So the more you use Copysmith, the closer to your writing style copysmithing becomes!

6. (Optional) Share your generations with others to review

We may want to discuss the these generations with your team or an editor to approve or reject them before we include them in our blog. To share our work with colleagues, we simply click “Share copy” on top of the page.

We’re building ways to make collaboration and stakeholder management so easy it’s magical – stay tuned. And if you want to tell us about your pain points in that area, we’d love to hear them – please email [email protected]!

6. Export your favorites to CSV

All the generations can now be saved in CSV that is easy to use directly to add the copy to your web site, blog platform, or editor tool. Click ‘Download all as CSV’ on the top after you make the selection!

7. Repeat!

You can always go back to this campaign and generate more content with the same parameters, or add/delete parameters and regenerate, or you may want to start a fresh card altogether! We’re excited for you to save time and money with Copysmith without sacrificing quality.

Want to turn your blog ideas into a full blog post? Check out the blog post tutorial.

Happy copysmithing!

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