eCommerce Product Descriptions & SEO: How to Rank Higher and Convert more Customers

eCommerce product descriptions are one of the elements that can make or break your conversion. If you get it right, you’ll increase your sales and your rankings. If you get it wrong, rest assured that it’s just a matter of time until your competitors take note.

Product descriptions are important, no matter what industry you are selling in. The product description is arguably the most important part of your eCommerce site and where most of your SEO and conversion optimizations should be focused. Thoughtful product information can not only get more users to your website, but also be used to convince them that your product is the right choice.

The Basic Principles of Good Product Descriptions

Let’s start with the basics.  Your initial focus should be on the meta description, a browser-based snippet that Google and other search engines can use to display your product listing in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). It’s also one of the highest converting sections of an eCommerce site.

Stick to your character limits.  Google allows for 300 characters in product descriptions.  If you exceed characters, Google will truncate your results which could end up in the removal of pivotal information in your meta description.

Avoid using the same meta description for multiple products. Each meta description should be unique in nature and focused on important product elements and a call-to-action to push users towards the intended behavior, buying your product or service.

Including the Right Keywords in Product Descriptions

Picking the right keywords is essential as they give your customers clues about where to go and what action to take. The phrases you pick should be organic, human-centered, and simple to understand. Describe the benefit of your product in as few words as possible.  Focus on the benefit your customer will see rather than the product details you think are most important to them. This makes the value easy to understand for potential customers, and leaves room for a stronger call-to-action.

When it comes to SEO, put yourself in your customer’s shoes to write more of the way users talk about your products.  Use search intent driven phrases to find buyers when they’re actively searching for a solution; i.e. “how to fertilize tomato plants”, or “how to keep my windows clean.”  Utilizing search-intent driven phrases with high search volume and low keyword density gives you the opportunity to rise above the competition for said keywords.

Using Marketing Best Practices to Increase Web Traffic and Conversions

Craft solid product descriptions with meta descriptions in mind.  Copysmith’s product description templates are set up to streamline the process of generating thousands of product descriptions in just a few clicks.  Sign up for a free trial today to see how this can save your team hours of content writing.

Create clear and actionable CTAs. Keep in mind the fact that the purpose of a call-to-action is to prompt your customers to take an action, not to push your products onto them. The goal is to add value back to them rather than tell them all the reasons why your product is the best on the market.

Abandoned Cart Campaigns. Experiment and continuously adjust your strategies based on your specific needs and goals.  Setup automated abandoned cart campaigns to nudge customers in the direction of buying, even if they didn’t purchase your product on their first visit.

When it comes to meta descriptions, it’s imperative to build a unique selling point that shows your commitment to solving your customers’ unique challenges. If you have a product that solves a specific need for your customers, focus on telling them how it will help them.

We at Copysmith understand the challenge that marketers face in getting great products the attention they deserve on Google. You can spend hours tabulating data between Google analytics and a range of other SEO tools to craft product descriptions by hand, or you can use Copysmith’s product description writing software to generate it in half the time.

Copysmith is a powerful AI solution that empowers teams to scale marketing and drive growth through copy. If you’re looking for a way to increase traffic and get more leads, we’re here to help.

Happy Copysmithing!

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