Google Ads is now integrated with Copysmith!

With our new Google Ads integration, you can now generate and launch Google ad campaigns in record time. What used to take hours, can be done in a matter of minutes with our Google Ads integration!

Whether you need to launch A/B tests, promote a new product or just need to change up your current messaging a bit, Copysmith has you covered.

To get started, simply add Google Ads as one of your integrations directly in Copysmith. From there, Copysmith takes over. Use the widget to select the campaign you want to create ads for and just like magic, instantly launch fresh ad copy to your campaigns. For how to set it up in your account, check out this tutorial.

How this feature helps you:

  • Launch new ad groups directly from Copysmith, at the click of a button
  • Minimize time spent switching between Copysmith and Google Ads
  • Create even more opportunities for A/B testing headlines and ad copy to increase overall campaign performance

This exciting feature is available to all users for a limited time – sign up now and see it in action today!