How to Generate Landing Pages Using AI

Copysmith is excited to release the landing page generator, one of our most requested features. The copy on your landing page is precious; it’s the most valuable real estate on your website. A captivating and well-designed landing page could be the difference between a visitor and a customer.

So we wanted to make sure we got it right. This template has taken us longer than any other one thus far.

Here’s how to try it out for yourself.

1. Tell the AI generator the type of content you wish to create.

Click on the Landing Pages template section. The name of the card is for your reference only and does not affect your generations.

2. Enter your company name, your landing page URL, product keywords, and company description.

Provide your company name.

Specify what you would like your landing page URL to be.

Include a few keywords (ideally 3–5) that you want included in your landing page (i.e., main features of your product, details of your promotional campaign). This will set the tone of your generation.

Add a description of your company or product, which will allow the AI to generate a personalized landing page. We recommend 1 to 3 sentences that speak to your company’s main features and values.

3. Click generate and await your AI generated landing pages.

Click “Generate” and voila—you have a series of landing pages at your disposal. Every field within the landing page is uniquely generated for you.

You can browse your selection by clicking “next” and “previous.”

Each generation of landing pages costs 8 credits, and generates 2–6 unique landing pages. As with all the other templates, you’re able to edit the text directly in Copysmith, and edits will be reflected in the sharable view.

4. Browse your selection and preview your landing page.

If you click Preview Stylized Landing Page, you’ll see the copy laid out on a sharable URL.

5. Collaborate with the AI tool by playing with the parameters and creating new variations.

Click on the generated text to edit and tailor it to your preferences.

Fun fact: when you upgrade to a paid account, we use your liking, editing, and deletion activity to fine-tune our model’s understanding of your writing style. So the more you use Copysmith, the closer to your writing style copysmithing becomes!

What’s amazing about Copysmith is that you can even feed phrases Copysmith generated for you back into the left-hand side of the template.

6. Save your copy and repeat.

You can always go back to this campaign and generate more content and copy with the same parameters. Feel free to regenerate new copy ideas by adding and deleting parameters, or start anew with a fresh card.

What if I need someone to coach me through it?

Sure thing—we know copysmithing is a new way of writing and we’re here to help. Send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Get onboarded!” and we’d be happy to guide you through the process.

Happy copysmithing!

We are offering unlimited blog post generation for customers on our Enterprise plan for December and January.

Enterprise customers will be able to access coaching on each new feature we roll out as well as early access to educational resources on integrating artificial intelligence advances into their workflows.

Try out Copysmith today, and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to check out tutorials for our other templates here.

A huge thanks to the makers of Cruip, whose open-source work made this possible.