Copysmith is AI that makes product content creation super easy and scalable

Scale your effort with rich features that scale your creativity and productivity, whether just you or a large team.

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Smart Marketing Teams use Copysmith to scale their product content creation

“The features and use cases of Copysmith are flexible and very suitable to my needs as an agency owner. Copysmith exceeded the competitors in every way, and the price was worth every penny.”

Emily Ptak, Owner
Ptak & Co. Marketing Agency

“Copysmith has been a huge help to me and my business. It generates the content for me and I just go in and edit.  It has helped my business grow because I don’t have to spend as much time writing content.”

Nadia Milanova, Founder
NM Creative

“TrustSpot has been very impressed with the power of CopySmith! With the new A.I. Response Generator integration, our users are able to respond quicker to negative and positive reviews allowing them to build better relationships and increasing their efficiency in managing customer feedback.”

Wade Cline

eCommerce copywriting


With Copysmith, you’ll be able to create product descriptions, bullet points, FAQs, product briefs, titles, tags easily. Whether it’s a product brief, technical information, or long form product copywriting, Copysmith has what you need.

Product Content SEO

Optimize and rewrite your eCommerce product copy for better SEO ranking, whether one product at a time or in bulk, without losing your brand voice and tone.

product content SEO
team collaboration

Team Collaboration

Invite your team into Copysmith to see product copies, review moderation, social media posts. Help your team avoid writers block and scale product content creation.

Centralized Product Data Management

No more spreadsheet hell. Manage all of your product content from a single, centralized platform. This includes product descriptions, meta tags, images, and other product-related information. With Copysmith, you’ll be able to manage your product data more efficiently while saving massive amounts of time (and money) in writing product descriptions and researching product attributes and SEO keywords.

product data management
bulk content generation

Bulk Content Generation

Forget generating product content one product at a time in ChatGPT. Upload your whole catalog and generate SEO-optimized, accurate copy in bulk with the right tone and voice. Save a ton of time and effort with our Bulk Product Content Generator.

Versatile Third Party Integrations

Copysmith’s AI product content platform integrates with a large and growing number of 3rd party tools and eCommerce platforms including:

  • XShopify
  • XAmazon
  • XWooCommerce
  • XZapier
  • XBigCommerce
  • XMagento
  • XCustom Sites and PIMs
  • XAkeneo 
  • XSalsify (coming soon)
  • And more

API Integration

We have a robust and enterprise-ready API for your unique needs. Our API is used by customers to integrate into homegrown solutions, other 3rd party tools, team collaboration tools, and so much more. It’s the most powerful AI-powered API solution for eCommerce needs in the generative AI space.

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