How to Harness Creative AI, Including ChatGPT

As artificial intelligence, AI for short, becomes more and more popular, its use cases and applications are increasing. One of the most exciting and potentially transformative applications are in the creative space for the following reasons: 

  • Efficiency. Artificial intelligence can help complete more projects quickly and easily. It can automate a lot of tasks and do the heavy lifting. 
  • Scalability. AI can cope up with the demands and large volumes of work, there is no ceiling on what it can do. 
  • Variety. Basically, artificial intelligence has seen and read almost all of the information published on the internet so it can generate a much wider range of ideas than a human can, especially with tight deadlines. 
  • Creativity. With the vast scope of  AI’s knowledge, it can help increase creativity by providing fresh perspectives and ideas. 

In short, you can be more productive and create better work using artificial intelligence. You do not need to hire additional human workers or outsource the tasks needed to be done, lessening the expenses along the way. 

Creative AI can help businesses create stunning visuals, videos, content and other marketing materials in a shorter period of time. But as with any new technology, there are a few things to keep in mind when using creative AI. In this article, we will walk you through the basics of how to use creative AI to its full potential. 

What is natural language processing?

Natural language processing, NLP for short, is an AI that helps computers understand spoken and written words as well as extract meaning from it. In short, NLP is like teaching a computer how to understand and talk like a human. 

How does natural language processing work?

NLP works by breaking down spoken or written words into smaller pieces and then using those pieces to understand the meaning of what is being said. 

The computer looks at words, terms, phrases, sentences and the context in which they are used. It then uses this information to figure out the intended meaning and to respond appropriately. 

This might sound complicated, but it is actually a process that we do every day without realizing it. This is a lot like how you understand what someone is saying to you, but the computer does it using AI algorithms and models that have been exposed on a large amount of text data. 

NLP made it possible for computers to understand humans and help us in our creative tasks. 

AI for automating creative tasks

Creative tasks are not only time consuming but it requires a lot of mental energy. Sometimes the creative juices do not flow, like when experiencing a writer’s block, and this happens very often especially if you are under a tight deadline. Well, good news: artificial intelligence can be of help. 

Here are four creative tasks that AI can take care of:

Image generation and manipulation

In need of product photos, illustrations, posters or book covers? Artificial intelligence has you covered. It can generate any image that you need in an instant. If you want to remove objects from your photos, enhance it or add special effects, there are many artificial intelligence tools out in the market that can help you do so. 

Here are some of the AI tools that can help you with image generation and manipulation: 

Flair AI 

Flair AI generates product photos for your content needs, perfect for e-com brands and stores. Hiring product photographers is quite costly, this AI tool gives you visually appealing product photos at a fraction of the cost.

AI Image Enlarger 

This AI-powered tool covers all of your basic to advanced image editing needs. It can turn your low-quality photo into a detailed and vivid one. It can remove the background of your photos and get rid of watermarks and unwanted objects as well. It can also adjust the colors and sharpen your images with a simple click. 

Music composition and production

Creating music is another challenging and time-consuming creative task especially if inspiration does not strike you. Good news, artificial intelligence can now assist musicians with various tasks such as composing, arranging, and mixing music. 

AI algorithms simply analyze existing songs to generate new pieces that are similar in style and mood, in an instant. Although most tools cannot generate a full-length song with vocals and coherent lyrics, the snippets it can generate can surely give artists and musicians a good head start.

Here are the top AI tools for your music composition and production needs:


An open-source and community-driven AI tool, Harmonai aims to make music production easy and accessible for all. No need to use fancy equipment and paid software, this AI can produce music in an instant straight from your computer. 


Riffusion is a text to music AI tool. You simply describe the music you want to hear and the AI will generate a five-second music clip which you can share online or download to your computer.

Video editing

Video editing software is expensive and outsourcing the task to a video editor is also costly – with artificial intelligence, you can produce professional quality videos that are engaging in a shorter time. The AI takes care of the flow, animations, graphics and effects needed for your video. 

Here are the top AI video editing tools on the market:


This tool takes care of advanced video editing tasks from removing the background, objects and unwanted noise in your videos, adding frame-by-frame subtitles and even applying LUTs. What takes five hours of work can now be done in an hour or less thanks to AI.


An AI-powered video editing tool, Wisecut helps you create short-form and long-form videos that automatically cuts pauses and silences from your videos, adds subtitles and translations as well as picks a song tailored to your video. 

This AI tool uses a storyboard to create an appealing narrative to your audience.

Content creation 

Creating content takes a lot of time – a lot of researching and brainstorming is needed to make valuable and engaging content. On top of that, you also have to draft, edit and proofread it. In short, content creation is a time-consuming process but thanks to AI, you can now generate content in an instant. 

Here are the popular AI tools that make content creation easier:


Among all the AI tools mentioned, ChatGPT is arguably the most popular. In fact, it has reached 100 million users within two months after being launched. This artificial intelligence tool provides a conversational type of experience, a feature users enjoy – you input a question or a command and it will return a result.

ChatGPT has gained popularity for its many use cases including a content generator. This AI tool can generate Instagram captions, YouTube video scripts, LinkedIn articles, Facebook ad copy, sales emails and even blog posts – in other words, whatever content you need for your marketing efforts, ChatGPT got you covered.

You simply input a prompt telling the AI what specific content you need and what your offer is, the AI will generate it in an instant. ChatGPT is a great free alternative to paid AI marketing content generators like Jasper AI and 

Instagram captions generated by ChatGPT. As you can see, the AI included emojis to make it eye-catching and hashtags to make the post discoverable.

ChatGPT can build upon previous conversation so you do not need to enter the details in your put over and over again.

ChatGPT can generate personalized content where you simply plug-in the details.


ChatGPT is perfect for your content marketing needs if you are a small business owner or a solo entrepreneur. But if you are running an e-commerce store or managing an enterprise marketing, you’ll notice ChatGPT is not enough for your content needs because of its limited capabilities and features.

Good news: Copysmith is a ChatGPT alternative that is geared for e-commerce and enterprise users. Let’s take a look at the advantages it offers for your e-commerce and enterprise content needs:

First, Copysmith can be integrated with your favorite tools so you can accomplish more work. It supports integration with:

  • Frase – create search engine optimized content with recommended keywords and topics.
  • Google Ads – launch and A/B test campaigns faster.
  • Microsoft Word – create and edit content straight from the app on any device.
  • Google Chrome – create engaging content within a few clicks right in your browser.
  • WooCommerce – whether you have a hundred or a thousand SKUs, you can create converting product descriptions in minutes, not hours.
  • Zapier – automate your content creation.
  • HootSuite – generate engaging social media posts in your favorite social media management tool. 
  • Google Docs – create and share content with teammates or clients.

Second, Copysmith has an API integration. You can connect this AI content writer with your system so you and your team can get more out of your data. You can integrate Copysmith to your e-commerce platform, marketing, reporting and analytics tools to name a few.

Third, Copysmith supports bulk content generation. For e-commerce stores, agencies and companies that are growing and scaling, the demands are constantly increasing hence an AI tool is needed to take care of the grunt work.

With Copysmith, you can say goodbye to the boring task of clicking and typing for hours. Simply upload a CSV file, sit back and relax – whether you need a hundred or a thousand pieces of content, Copysmith can do it all. 

Fourth, Copysmith supports team collaboration. It allows you to assign team members to different roles, gather feedback and have an overview of what stage you are at in the content creation process so you and your team can move work forward and launch faster.

Sign up now to get your unlimited 14-day free trial and write engaging content for free, no credit card required.

Ensuring quality control and responsible use

AI is helpful in creative work – it helps accomplish tasks much faster without hiring additional humans or even outsourcing the work which helps lessen expenses. Remember that AI is not perfect, that is why it is important to practice quality control and responsible use to ensure that the AI-generated output is accurate, ethical and in line with the intended purpose. 

Here are things that you need to keep in mind as you use AI in your creative tasks: 

  1. Have a human review and edit the AI-generated output to ensure its quality and accuracy. Double check if the facts and figures presented are 100% true. 
  2. Make sure that the output generated follows ethical guidelines. Violations such as spreading hate speech, misinformation or biased language will hurt your online reputation – that is why there is always a need for a human review.
  3. Be aware of potential data biases. As mentioned earlier, AI’s knowledge comes from what it has seen and read from the internet – its exposure dictates can affect the creativity and diversity of the output generated.
  4. Make sure that the AI-generated output is original. At the end of the day, you need to adhere to laws so you need to check if the output is unique and does not violate copyright or plagiarism laws.


Artificial intelligence’s application in the creative space is bringing a lot of change – it lessens:

  • the number of hours needed for a work to be done, 
  • the resources needed to accomplish a task, 
  • and the people involved to produce a work. 

There are numerous AI-powered tools that you can use for your image, music, video and content needs. With just a few clicks and inputting some information in prompts, you can see the output in an instant.

This new technology is surely exciting but keep in mind that creative AI is still in its early stages and the output it produces is not perfect. That is why a human is needed to tweak, improve and check the quality of the output. As more improvements and updates are underway, it will only become more powerful and effective. So, make sure you stay ahead of the curve and keep tabs on the latest developments in the world of creative AI.

The bottom line is that creative AI is a powerful tool that can help your business achieve great things. So, don’t hesitate to start using it today. Copysmith is a creative AI tool you can use for your content needs. Sign up today and get your unlimited 7-day free trial – start writing content that converts and ranks for free. No credit card required.