How Selle Evans Saved Time and Money Growing Her Marketing Agency Using Copysmith

Entrepreneur and Mother of Two: A Constant Time Crunch

Selle Evans is the CEO of Masterly Business Solutions, a digital marketing agency that specializes in brand design and strategy, copywriting, social media management, ads, and more. Her firm offers personalized marketing to create customized and effective lead generation systems for over 322 happy clients. For Evans, mother of two kids and owner of the firm, time is scarce, so she set out to find and implement services that could save her time and maintain efficiency.

Saving precious time between freelancers was the hurdle Evans wanted to overcome when it came to the copywriting process. Working with folks outside of the organization to help build their websites meant draft delays, interminable changes, incessant back and forth until the page was ready to go live. Not to mention the accumulated expense of hiring copywriters: good writers could cost anywhere from $700 to $1500 a month.

Amid these pain points, Evans searched for an affordable service that could eliminate all possible delays. She found Copysmith and was pleased with the results yielded through AI: all that was required to sift through loads of content quickly was a computer and the Copysmith software.

Saving Hundreds of Hours

Copysmith expedited the process by terminating any creative lags. Evans noted that the rapidity with which the program lets you continuously regenerate until landing on the ideal copy made things much easier for her. Copysmith operated as not as a human replacement, but as a tool that helps users brainstorm and generate ideas in a fraction of the time it would’ve taken otherwise.

Evans is currently on the Early Adopter plan, where she typically stacks templates to facilitate the construction of a captivating webpage, like SEO Metatags, Product Descriptions, Short Sales Email, Brand Essence and Pain Benefit Solution. Her favourite by far is the Product Descriptions generator.

Integrating Different Templates in the Workflow

Evans’s marketing workflow strategy within Copysmith is advanced tagging: being specific about who the client was and what their message dictated. Copysmith allows Masterly Business Solutions to test endless variations, and thus, test the copy on Facebook Ads ten times as fast as they could previously. This way, they could quickly get an idea of what the conversion rate is. It’s a game of sitting and testing. Of course not all the Facebook Ads have been a phenomenal success, but some have done very well. With quick response data, Evans is able to ameliorate and pivot her approach very quickly.

“Good marketing is about testing as many variations as quickly as possible.”

A Simple, Easy-to-Use Interface

As you input more information, Copysmith’s generative AI can learn a user’s preferences over time, improving the results with each generation. And when there were any problems, Copysmith’s support team were quite open to giving her a helping hand.

The user interface stands out to Evans, mentioning that Copysmith’s UI is a lot better than other sites she’s seen. The stellar Copysmith user-interface benefits from a dynamic team that actively listens and responds to users’ concerns and feedback very quickly, this is why folks like Evans feel comfortable betting on Copysmith. The response rate within the Slack and Facebook Copysmith Community groups is always highly responsive and friendly. The Team is always keen on providing users communication platforms and a voice.

Having never worked with a copywriting platform like Copysmith before, Evans was astonished at how receptive the team was and how diligently they worked. She was also stunned thinking about how much time she lost copywriting last year via the old-fashioned way. Copysmith’s accessibility is another nice surprise Evans remarked on, not only the software itself, but having been able to reach out to the CEO and Product Team with ease.

Growing with Copysmith

In the future, Evans looks forward to the WordPress plugin feature, which will help her business save even more time. Time is of the essence. The less time to deliver a high-quality output, the better. Simply put, delivering to a client in less time allows her to tend to more clients, which invariably leads to improved business goals.

Integrating the service into her workflow, Copysmith allowed Evans to cut down on hundreds of hours of work, and made it possible to train Virtual Assistants (VA) and staff to use Copysmith to save time. After using Copysmith, Evans was able to take on more clients, and her firm can now deliver with shorter wait times without sacrificing the quality of the work. She’s a happy Copysmither!