How Alex Girardi Launched His Startup in Just Two Weeks With Copysmith

Copysmith was built with corporations & small business owners in mind, such as Alex Girardi – who used Copysmith to quickly make his business idea a reality. Today, we brought Alex in to reflect on his results & experiences of using Copysmith.

Getting “What Book Should I Read” Off the Ground

“What Book Should I Read” is a new AI-based book recommendation start-up that expedites any book-finding journey based on a user’s preferences. Using machine learning, Pulled from a large database of book titles, users can enter a preferred genre or book title and have several recommendations presented to them within seconds.

Co-founder & CEO, Alex Girardi told us that he held off creating the website until the day he discovered Copysmith. Alex had tried other AI-based copywriting tools but found that the software required a large amount of manual input and editing. He currently works as a full time engineer, so he doesn’t have the time to be writing website copy. He emphasized that the sheer volume of copy his business needed to get off the ground required lightning fast and consistent content creation, which is where Copysmith came in. With Copysmith’s bullet point expander, this enabled him to instantly establish his online presence and start his dream business within two weeks on part-time hours.

A Tool That is Small-Business Centric

As a small business, Alex is responsible for doing everything, which means that if here’s a way he can save time and money, that’s a huge win for him. Time was the top obstacle keeping Alex from starting his business. He did not have enough time or resources to fully execute the side hustle, contending with the fact that he and his co-founder both have full-time jobs. Alex doesn’t have the funds for marketing or a writing team, from beginning to end, Copysmith fills in the gaps.

Another reason Copysmith is so small business-friendly, is its affordability. Alex opted for the Early Adopter plan: citing that it was affordable enough for the type of content he needed generated. Costs to outsource blog writing could balloon to $4000 a year, costs that were mitigated by his Copysmith subscription.

Using Templates as Building Blocks

Alex implemented Copysmith into his workflow by integrating and stacking several different templates. When creating blog posts for his site, Alex jump-started the process by using the bullet point expander. By providing the template with three bullet points at a time, Alex was able to generate unique paragraphs almost instantaneously. From there, he was able to generate blog posts very quickly. He found that the blogs ended up reading incredibly well, and that all that was left to do was edit the flow of the output.

Engaging With the Team Was Imperative

Going back and forth with the Copysmith team and other users was invaluable to Alex’s workflow. He consulted the Copysmith Facebook group to discuss best practices when working with the templates. Alex’s tip for optimizing blog post creation is to use the bullet point expander. Keeping in mind that the user is guiding the AI, Alex ensured that his statements were all very clear and definitive. The more he engaged with the templates, the better the generations were. Alex encourages users to stick with it, it improves over time as the algorithm habituates itself to your topic and tone. And don’t forget, you are in charge.

Facilitating the content creation process was Copysmith’s intuitive user interface: it was easy to try a bunch of things and see what worked. He noted that online customer support was incredible. Alex was surprised with the level of engagement from the team and their insatiable desire to remain present and engaged with customers directly. Alex contrasted this experience with the normal process of signing up for online services, typically, you’re on your own.

Engineer lead Anna and CEO (now board advisor) Jasmine were also highly active and engaged on the company’s Facebook group. This really fostered a sense of community for Alex, knowing that someone on the team was going to address his questions or concerns honestly and meaningfully. He also noted that Copysmith demonstrates a clear desire for users’ copysmithing experience to be interactive and engaging. The desire to grow a sustainable and dynamic business is very evident through these interactions.