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How can I write product descriptions that convert?

Start with persuasive language that drives the user toward understanding why they need your product or service.  Talking to users in their language, and leading with their pain points establishes empathy and trust between shoppers and your products, making it an easier decision to purchase your products

What does Google look for when ranking product pages?

First you should start with a descriptive and engaging product title. It’s important to be clear and concise; use words that consumers are likely to search for.

From there, incorporate your keywords in to your page headers and body text, along with incorporating videos of your content – this not only helps with SEO but also in capturing shoppers attention quickly.  Read more about how to optimize your product descriptions for search engines, and try our product description generator to save even more time crafting product descriptions that convert.

How can SEO help eCommerce businesses?

Optimizing your eCommerce website for SEO has a range of benefits, namely gaining more new and unique visitors to your website, which results in more sales and higher profits for you. 

Getting your product pages or listings to rank on the first page of Google gives you a unique benefit of capturing users’ attention when they’re actively searching for a solution, especially when your products are ranking higher than your competitors.

What negatively affects SEO?

Check your website page speed often to ensure you’re staying in line with best practices and not deterring users

Keyword stuffing, or filling your web pages with your goal keywords as much as possible, has become a detractor in ranking high on Google – the Helpful Content Update priortizes content that is actually helpful and beneficial to users over content that is built to rank well.

How to write powerful product descriptions that rank on Google

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